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  • Hygienic / Lobe Pumps

    Made with high quality Stainless Steel materials and specially designed to assist you with your manufacturing needs. Used in many top end factories. Various helical rotary lobes available depending on the substance being pumped. Along with pump accessories e.g. Thermal Jacket, Designed for products the require temperature control such as, sugars, chocolate, syrup.

  • Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting

    Storing your rainwater is becoming more and more popular. From watering the farmers’ crops to watering your garden it’s defiantly a cost effective way to do so. It makes up for all those times we have got caught in the rain! We love Great Britain!

  • Macerator Pumps

    A range of grinder pumps, capable of cutting through solids so that they can pass through the pump and discharge pipework easily. These pumps are designed to be incredibly efficient and reliable, with a very low risk of impeller clogging.

  • Sewerage Pumps

    Suitable for drainage of dirty water containing soft solids. Mainly used in the building industry or domestic installations. Anything more than this you would require a macerator pump.