Macerator Pumps

A range of grinder pumps, capable of cutting through solids so that they can pass through the pump and discharge pipework easily. These pumps are designed to be incredibly efficient and reliable, with a very low risk of impeller clogging.
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The term “macerate” means to soften or break up. Instead of routing waste through a drain in the floor like a conventional toilet, the macerating toilet flush water is moved to a permanently sealed macerator pump located in a small box between the toilet and the wall. The pump can also be hidden behind the wall. The macerator pump uses a fast-rotating cutting blade to break up waste and toilet paper and convert the water and waste into a fine slurry that is discharged under pressure through piping and expelled into the sewer or septic tank.


Various manufacturers available…

  • Lowara
  • Mono
  • Grundfos
  • TT Pumps
  • ABS

and more…


Mono Muncher

The Mono Muncher is a range of twin shaft, slow speed, high torque grinders that macerate solids within a flow. Each shaft is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters and spacers to give real 'positive displacement' solids grinding. Once solids become trapped in the slowly revolving cutter stacks, the differential speed of the cutter stacks pull apart fibrous material, crop and shear plastic into small pieces and crush friable or brittle material.

The Muncher has been successfully installed for over 25 years into the following applications:-

protection of pumps to eliminate blockage
high volume, fine grinding of sewage and sludges
efficient maceration of extracted screenings, prior to treatment
bulk reduction, material reclamation and profit from waste
effective packaged pumping system, when combined with a Mono transfer pump


SOLOLIFT2 is a unique range of compact macerators enabling drainage of any domestic sanitary appliance wherever needed, independent from the gravity drain system. The units collect and pump the wastewater through a thin pressure pipe (>23mm) to the next down pipe – up to 6m high or 100m distance.

Lowara DOMO

The new DOMO GRI has been design to deliver domestic sewage, liquids containing solids or fibres, and wastewater from residential buildings to the sewer mains or a pressurized sewer network.
The grinder cuts solids in sewage into smaller bits that can easily pass through the impeller and discharge pipes. Risks of clogging or blockage are very low, and the grinder system is easily adjustable.


Delivery: up to 6.60 m³/h
Head: up to 25 m
Power supply: both single and three-phase 50 and 60 Hz
Power: from 1.10 kW up to 1.10 kW
Temperature of pumped liquid: to 35 °C
Maximum immersion depth: 5 m