New Fan Impeller’s

Fan impellers manufactured from stock to suit any power, speed or airflow the end user requires. Various blades are available such as, GRP glass reinforced plastic, GRN glass reinforced Nylon and also aluminium blades to cope with heat and high temperatures.   If you would like to enquire or put an order through for a NEW impeller build all parts are ex stock. Please see below the link to download our Impeller Build Sheet, kindly fill out the information and email us a copy.  

Any questions you can call us on : 01473 830272.



Boardley and Roberts have the stock and experienced engineers to build you a new fan Impeller specific to your needs. For us to build you an impeller we would need to know the following in formation:

  • Direction of air flow
  • Rotation
  • Bore size
  • Hub diameter
  • Material of blade
  • Impeller overall diameter
  • KW and Speed of motor

Once we have this information we can build a new impeller as quickly as you require. Delivered to all corners of the UK, call or email our sales team for price and availability.


Blade Material

GRP (red blades) – Glass Reinforces Polypropylene, Standard red blades are moulded from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene and have a safe operating temperature range of 40 to 70 degree.
GRN (black blades) – Glass Reinforced Nylon 66,these have greater strength and high temperature capability -40 to 150 degrees of non radiant heat, higher speeds are acceptable for standard GRN impellers.
Allum (aluminium blades) LM6 – to cope with heat and high temperatures, proven for use in emergency smoke and fume extract applications up to 400 degrees. Also suitable for continuous operation from +40 to 250 degrees.

Operating Temperatures

GRP -40oC to +70oC
GRN -40oC to +150oC
ASTAT -30oC to +110oC
AL -40oC to +200oC
(Aluminium blades have been supplied for operation at -130oC). Please consult our Sales Team for applications beyond these temperatures.

Anti Static Paint Finish

This can be supplied on GRN blades if required for 'non sparking' applications.