Mitsubishi Inverters (VSD)

Single and three phase Mitsubishi frequency Inverters designed to run, pump, fan, hi torque and normal to light duty applications. Available in various power ratings. IP22 frequency inverter to be fitted into an existing panel and IP55 frequency inverter for mounting outside of an existing panel. All available on short lead times.
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Cost Effectiveness:

Energy savings of up to 60% can be made by using Mitsubishi Electric Frequency Inverters, thereby also reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the enviroment.


In addition to complying with well known international norms and standards, the frequency inverters are also certified by DNV, ABS, BV, LR and NK.


Safe and fault-free operation is guaranteed by various protective mechanisms and overload functions, top quality temperature resistant capacitors, permanently lubricated fans and dual coated power and control PCBs.

The Six Sigma certified production ensures high quality level at Mitsubishi Electric.


The integral multifunction user panel, complete with digital dial, facilitates rapid and efficient input of all necessary drive parameters. it can also provide display of various performance data and error messages.



Functionality, compatibility and perfect mechanical design are the main features of the frequency inverters supplied by Mitsubishi Electric.