In-Line Geared Units

Electro power in-line gearboxes with various outputs and speeds built in house from components held in our stores. Offered complete with Brook Crompton motors and various power outputs. Various other manufacturers also available.
Available Downloads:


Electropower Geared Units

ESR1 & ESR2 Inline Gearboxes – Ranging from 12rpm to 611rpm

ESR3 Gearboxes Inline – Ranging from 12rpm to 611rpm

Electropower gears are long established, high regarded product which are still available in their original form. Boardley & Roberts build these gearboxes in house from components held in stock. All gearboxes will come with Brook Crompton Motors.


Bonfiglioli Geared Units

Inline helical gearmotors / inline gearmotors / Single reduction helical gear motors / Shaft mounted gear motors / Helical-bevel / Worm / Planetary drives / Shaft mounted speed reducers / Parallel shaft gear units / Bevel helical speed reducer / Miter gears / gear motors for hostile environments / Limit switch device / ATEX.



SEW Geared Units



Nord Geared Units




STM Geared Units



Siti Geared Units



Motovario Geared Units



Renold Geared Units



Opperman Geared Units



Pujol Geared Units



Rossi Geared Units



David Brown Geared Units