Expansion Tanks

An expansion tank or expansion vessel is a small tank used to protect closed (not open to atmospheric pressure) water heating systems and domestic hot water systems from excessive pressure.


Do you need a vertical or horizontal tank for you central heating system?

Here at Boardley & Roberts we can deliver them straight to your door! See our delivery service page for more details. If you live in the East Anglia region we can deliver to you for free! Call us for prices and to arrange delivery.




Vertical (10 bar rated)

24 LV (blue)
24 LV (white)
60 LV (blue)
60 LV (white)
80 LV (blue)
80 LV (white)
100 LV (blue)
100 LV (white)
150 LV (white)
200 LV (blue)
200 LV (white)
250 LV (white)
300 LV (blue)
300 LV (white)
450 LV (white)
500 LV (blue)
750 LV (blue)
750 LV (white)
1000 LV (8-bar max working pressure) (blue)
1000 LV (white)

Horizontal (10 bar rated)

24 LH (blue)
24 LH (white)
35 LH (white)
50 LH (blue)
60 LH (blue)
60 LH (white)
80 LH (blue)
80 LH (white)
100 LH (blue)
100 LH (white)
200 LH (blue)
300 LH (blue)