B&R hold many capacitors in stock, run capacitors (400-450v) from 0.5UF to 80UF and start capacitors (220-275v) from 80UF to 250UF. Ready for collection or we can pop one in the post for you.


For use in running single-phase asynchronous motors and in all general A.C. applications at 50/60Hz.

A range of self-healing capacitors, manufactured using a self-extinguishing plastic case filled with resin. This range gives very good electrical reliability together with high mechanical resistance to shock and vibration. Capacitors have VDE approvals in accordance with European Standard EN 60252-1.

We show below the life rating of the operating classes :
Class D = 1000 hours
Class C = 3000 hours
Class B = 10000 hours
Class A = 30000 hours
25 = minimum working temperature (-25°C).
085 = maximum working temperature (85°C).
21 = duration (days) of the humidity test.

Motor capacitors are divided in two groups (according to the terminations):
RPN = capacitors with fast-on terminals
RPC = capacitors with double insulated cable or with two single conductor leads.





Run Capacitors

0.5 UF (400-450V)
1 UF (400-450V)
1.5 UF (400-450V)
2 UF (400-450V)
2.5 UF (400-450V)
3 UF (400-450V)
4 UF (400-450V)
5 UF (400-450V)
6 UF (400-450V)
8 UF (400-450V)
10 UF (400-450V)
12 UF (400-450V)
14 UF (400-450V)
15 UF (400-450V)
16 UF (400-450V)
20 UF (400-450V)
25 UF (400-450V)
30 UF (400-450V)
35 UF (400-450V)
40 UF (400-450V)
50 UF (400-450V)
60 UF (400-450V)
80 UF (400-450V)

Start Capacitors

80 UF (220-275V)
100 UF (220-275V)
125 UF (220-275V)
150 UF (220-275V)
180 UF (220-275V)
200 UF (220-275V)
250 UF (220-275V)