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  • Brake Motors

    AC and DC brake kits are held in stock designed to fit a wide range of Brook Crompton three-phase electric motors. All other brake motors available upon request.

  • Drip Proof Motors

    Brook Crompton manufacturer cast iron IP23 IE3 efficient drip proof motors.

    An open drip proof is a type of motor that typically runs cooler and does not overheat. Due to the fact that the chamber has open vents and air can flow directly over the windings, this style of motor tends to be slightly more efficient because the windings are cooler.

  • Motorised Drum Rollers

    A wide range of motorised drum rollers available with or without lagging. Suitable for conveyer systems and production lines or any material handling installations.

  • Two Speed Motors

    Brook Crompton manufacturer a wide range of two speed motors, pole change and PAM windings. These are made to order as and when required.